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As “full-fledged one-stop service portal”,each service counter offers eighteen trans-regional services, which include:

Inquiries Table
(1) Inquiries
Inquiries about local taxes
01. Current House Tax Statement Information
02. Tax refund inquiry
03. Inquiry on National Land Value Tax for Primary Residential Land
04. Inquiry on Vehicle Registration Tax Exemption for the Disabled
05. Inquiries about transfer payment to specified account
06. Inquiries about transfer payment to unspecified account
07. Simple Trial Calculation of Land Value Increment Tax
08. Estimation of Land Value Increment Tax Refund for Land Repurchase
09. Deed Tax Estimation
10. Online Calculation of Overdue Fines and Interest
11. Inquiry on Application Processing Status
12. Inquiry on Processing Status of Land Value Increment Tax Filing
13. Inquiry on Processing Status of Deed Tax Filing
14. Official Land Assessment Inquiries
15. Land Value Increment Price Index Inquiries
16. Printing various applications


Application for Statements Table
(2) Application for Statements
House tax
17. House Tax Statement
18. Current Tax Statements
19. Current Transfer Payment Certificate
20. Re-issuance of Current Statement
Land Value Tax
21.Land Value Tax Statement
22.Current Transfer Payment Certificate
23.Re-issuance of Current Statement
Vehicle License Tax
24.Current Transfer Payment Certificate
25. Re-issuance of Current Statement
Payment Certificate for Local Taxes
26. Land value tax payment certificate
27. House tax payment certificate
28. Amusement tax payment certificate
29. Vehicle license tax payment certificate
30. Construction benefit fee payment certificate
31.Re-issance of amusement tax statement
32. Inquiry on Land Value Increment Tax Rate for Primary Residential Land
33.Inquiry about nationwide arrears of local taxes and re-issuance of tax statement
34. Inquiry on Land Value Tax Archives
35. Online Nationwide Personal Property Inquiries
36. Online Inquiry on Individual Income Tax


Information Service Table
(3) Information Service (have not offered this service yet)
Inter-county services
37. Re-issuance of house tax statement
38. Re-issuance of land value tax statement
39. Re-issuance of vehicle license tax statement
40. Inquiry about personal data (by applicant himself/herself only)