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Duties of Head Office
Head Office and Branch Duties
Revenue Assessor control evaluation
Planning & Service Section taxpayer services, education and propaganda for tax, planning design,research and development
Land Tax Section

agricultural land tax, land value tax, land value increment tax, and beneficial fee of improvement engineering.
Special Tax on digging clod and stone. Special Tax on extracting minerals.

Property Tax Section house tax, deed tax, and vehicle license tax
Information Management Section system design ,operation data processing and tax refund
Legal Affairs Section tax law violations penalty, enforcement tax deficiency, and administrative remedy
General Affairs Section word processing, and general affairs
Accounting Section accounting, budget, and statistics of tax revenue
Personnel Section personnel appointment, dismissal, and evaluation of merit and demerit
Civil Service Ethics Section supervise administrative behavior, discipline on tax affairs, handling of corruption and illegal acts
Yuli Branch Land Tax Sub Section:
Agricultural Land Tax, Land Value Tax, Land Value Increment Tax, Zamindari(reimpose), Task Educate Initiative
Property Tax Sub Section:
Stamp Tax, House Tax, Deep Tax, Amusement Tax, Vehicle license Tax