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Office of Service Center immediately

Personnel office Organizational allocation, appointment & dismissal, qualification assessment, reward & discipline, performance review, retirement benefits, training & further education, insurance, employee benefits, and leaves management
Civil Service Ethics Office Promotion of ethical policies, prevention, detection and examination of corruptive acts, maintenance of office facilities and assurance of confidential information
Accounting office Budget: Budget accounting
Statistics & Tax Revenue: Tax-levying accounting and statistical compilation
Administration office Document Processing: Document administration
Office Affairs: Management of office affairs
Information Management Section System Implementation: System implementation, file management, processing of electronic lodgments and transfer of files
Data Processing: Formulation, control, review, analysis, labeling and inquiry of the annual electronic processing plan and data processing, control
Internet Administration: Equipment operation, tax calculation, printing of reports and forms, custody of electronic files, and maintenance and management of IT equipment
Taxation Management Section Taxpayer Services: Taxpayer services and taxpayer education
Legal Affairs: Assessment of infringements, processing of administrative remedies, the penalties for tax evasion, securing tax compliance.
Audit: Auditing of the various tax levies, internal business operations and tax refunds
Property Tax Section House Tax: Levy of house tax
Vehicle license Tax: Levy of license plate taxes
Consumption Tax: Levy of deed tax ,stamp tax, and amusement tax
Land Tax Section Land Tax: Levy of land value tax, agricultural land tax.
Land Value Increment Tax: Levy of land value increment tax and construction benefit fee.
Yuli Branch Property Tax: Levy of house tax, deed tax, stamp tax, and amusement tax, electronic data processing.
Land Tax: Levy of land value tax, land value increment tax, construction benefit fee, taxpayer services, R & D, document processing, human resources management, office affairs, accounting and cashier